Eco Fuel

FUEL ANALYSIS TEST PROTOCOLS Gasoline and diesel fuel analysis, both with and without Eco-Fuel Saver, has been conducted independently by both OTI Canada Group WWW.OTICANADAGROUP.COM and ESDCWWW.ESDC.COM. Diesel fuel samples were pulled from CAD Railways existing stock of #2 diesel locomotive fuel. Eco-Fuel Saver (EFS) was mixed and tested at […]


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We are looking for help. We have a new boat design. Hybrid diesel-electric power, articulating hull, 400 gallons onboard with 3000 miles range. Time for us to take the Blue Riband! We need electronics, engines, some fabrication, and the usual batch of things. We will stream the entire build on […]

Attention Racers – 2017 sponsorship solicitations welcome

  Attention racers – we are reviewing sponsorship for 2017. If you have a special racing effort, an event, or you are running a competitive amateur professional or amateur team, feel free to reach out. We are looking for new racers, new events, thought leadership.